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Pink Heals Foundation is not your average cancer organization, and our mission is quite simple, really.  We want to help you find yourself again after finishing treatment.  Help you reclaim your confidence, your spunk – and get back in your heals, so to speak.  You might even say we’re the nothing-to-do-with-cancer cancer organization

Ever felt like you’re stuck in Cancerland?  Like you want to get back to your life, but aren’t quite sure how to get there?  Well, that’s why we’re here, and we want to help you navigate your way out of the cancer world and back to your regularly scheduled programming.  Our Back in Your Heals survivor events are designed to get your mind off cancer and back to living your life. 

Here’s how we do it.  We host fun events (themed parties, if you will) that have nothing to do with cancer.  You’ve spent more than enough time dealing with it, already, right?  We host these events in a survivor-only setting, so that no one feels like the odd-girl-out.  We even ask our instructors to treat us as they would any other group of young women – because, let’s be honest; we’ve all had enough of feeling different than everyone else our age.  While our programs are wellness-centered, we recognize that in order to leave Cancerland behind, your mind needs to take a little vacay.  What kind of escape are we talking about, you ask?  Dance lessons;  a travel-photography workshop;  a how-to-host-a-fun-holiday-soiree class;  yoga sessions; and we’re especially fond of domestic-goddess (a.k.a. cooking) classes!   We’ve done it all, and we’re totally open to new ideas!  Is there something you’ve always wanted to try?  Let us know! 

We’ll help you book your ticket out of Cancerland, and give you lots of valuable trip-tips to use on your journey.  Interested?  We thought you might be.  Let us help you get back in your heals; check out our event calendar to find out about upcoming events. 

Beauty & Bubbly

"The first time I felt pretty again [after treatment] was at Beauty and Bubbly. There's something really special about being at Saks before the store is open, with a personal makeup artist, drinking champagne...Beauty and Bubbly is an incredible experience."

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