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The List: A Simple Way to Seize the DayIt’s not easy to find a new normal after months (even years) of treatment, and sometimes you might need a little help focusing on life away from Cancerland.  Consider Pink Heals Foundation your ticket back to you; we’re around to help you get through the turbulent post-treatment transition and back to living life.

We know that you are a beautiful, strong, confident woman – and we want to help you reclaim your fabulous self.

We’ve partnered with a few experts and created an easy, constructive tool for making the rough days a little easier, and it’s called The List.  It’s quite simple, really.  Consider this exercise a little mental-vacay and you’re preparing for takeoff.  You know the drill – turn off all electronic devices.  Get out a pen and a notebook.   It’s time for a brainstorming sesh, and if it helps the creative process, we highly recommend an in-flight cocktail.

First, write down all of the things you’ve always wanted to do, or imagined doing.  Give yourself permission to dream, girl.  Include big things: go on safari; visit all fifty states on a year-long road-trip: compete in a triathlon; open yourself up to love; learn to Tango; fill your passport with stamps; start a blog; redecorate your home   – and smaller things: play tourist in your own city; take the scenic-route home from work; order dessert before dinner; try a new restaurant; sleep in on weekends; peruse the local farmer’s market on Saturday morning; make date night a weekly thing; have your friends over for girls-night-in. 

Let your imagination soar. Feel like you’re at cruising altitude?  Good.  It’s time to start thinking about things that make you feel good (your go-to mood lifters, if you will): a pumpkin spice latte; an al fresco lunch hour; retail therapy at your favorite store(s); a stack of gossip magazines + a pint of vanilla bean ice cream; twenty minutes of lounging in the sun; a Saturday afternoon reality show marathon; getting up thirty minutes early for a cup of coffee and quiet time; a brisk walk; a new tube of lipstick; reading a book; a new pair of heels.  Nothing is too big or too small to put on The List. 
As you might have guessed, the point is to write down as many things as possible that make you happy and bring you bliss.  Keep The List on standby (we even suggest snapping a pic of it so that you’ll always have it handy.)  The next time you’re having a challenging moment, or want to make a good day great, do something on The List.  It’s a surprisingly simple way to live life to the max – and it’s always a good thing when at the day’s end, you can say to yourself: today I LIVED my life! 

We suggest repeating this little mental-vacay every few months, or as often as inspiration strikes!  One survivor told us that when she completes something on The List, she adds something new.  Show us what you’re crossing off your list!  @pinkheals #TheList

■  Lisa Vingerling

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