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Get back out there, girl. Keeping your heals in motion is an important part of taking good care of your body and mind, especially during recovery from illness. We recognize that there can be a number of challenges that come along with incorporating exercise and physical fitness into your overall lifestyle. Luckily, we know you aren’t one to stray away from a challenge. Being a survivor is something to embrace in the day-to-day, like when you’ve made it to the end of that new class at the gym that you tried out with a friend. The one that was much more fast-paced than you anticipated, but luckily the instructor was attractive…and you did it!

Find a bounce-back buddy. When you reach an accomplishment in physical fitness, it is unmistakably more fun to revel in all of the glory with a pal. Even if that means you decided to park at the very back of the parking lot before covering every square inch of your favorite mall by foot. Designating someone to be a partner with you in your physical health can be beneficial in so many ways. Aside from emotional support that comes with the camaraderie of being “in the trenches,” so to speak, a partner can hold you accountable to your commitments and encourage you along the way. Find a buddy at a Pink Heals Foundation event, or ask someone who is already a friend and close confidante. You’re not in this thing alone. Exercise Physiologist Jude Owolabi, who has worked with women who are getting back in their heals following treatment, told us that he has seen that companionship is good for overall adherence to any kind of physical fitness program.

Mix it up to see what works for you. While it is important to discuss exercise and physical activity with your doctor as part of recovery, establishing an exercise regimen does not have to be totally clinical. Let’s get deep for a moment and examine exercise as a potential vehicle for self-exploration. Throughout this journey you have been constantly learning new things about yourself; so why not try something new, exercise wise? What we’re trying to say is that the type of physical activity you enjoy the most might surprise you, and it might be belly dancing. Each way you put your heals in motion will be its own experience. So go hike a mountain if you’re feeling outdoorsy, or find your Zen at a yoga studio if it’s been a hectic day.

Experts make our case.
There is plenty of research out there to suggest that exercise is good for us. Our physiologists tell us that it regulates and balances hormones in the body and promotes overall good health. Physical activity also spurs increases in the release of endorphins and dopamine, which will elevate mood state. The experts have given us plenty of practical and helpful hints for getting back in your heals, which you can find in “Tips We Live.” 

■  Lauren M. Garvey

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