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Few rituals are more sacred than those surrounding the art of female bonding. These events are absolutely essential to our physical and emotional well-being as loving, nurturing creatures. No matter the combination of elements involved (ahem…i.e. cocktails) a good night spent in with the girls can be one of the most restorative ways to spend an evening. Rather than going out, we are talking about checking in, and not on Facebook. By checking in we mean getting together with your entourage for some quality time and reconnection. Hosting a night where you can introduce your friends to healthy   lifestyle habits you are choosing to adopt can be a powerful way to include them in your journey as you are getting back in your heals.

To ease the stress of planning, we’ve mapped out a blueprint for hosting a Girls’ Night In of your own. For this mission we brought in a widely acclaimed chef and breast cancer survivor, Chef Nancy Waldeck, who has provided recipes that are both healthy and delicious. Trust us on the delicious, research is important and taste testing is research. Here’s what you’ll need:


Whether they are chef-inspired or your own creative designs, it is helpful to plan in advance and write down what you plan to serve. We also suggest a comprehensive grocery list to avoid irritating multiple trips to the store. Prepare as many tasty elements as you can in advance, and you’ll have a much easier time putting it all together the night of. Discover our collection of delish recipes (Link to recipes PDF)


Find a streamlined way to invite your guests and keep track of who is coming. It is also important in this day and age to give enough notice so that everyone can arrange plans to be there or be square. We love


“What are you going to wear?” Us gals are always going to ask. Let your group know in advance whether the plan is for sweatshirts and cherished yoga pants, or to dress it up a bit for a classy evening that could produce pictures worthy of framing or at the very least warrant an updated profile shot. Have an idea of how you would like the night to go so you can help all guests be prepared. If you would like them to bring something let them know. Passing out this information will cut down on day-of text messages so you can enjoy your time preparing in the kitchen peacefully (even if for you that means unwrapping healthy take-out). We find inspiration on our fave bloggers' Pinterest boards

Relax. You planned carefully and the night will be perfect no matter what happens with whoever is there. As it unfolds, it is exactly as it should be.

Catch up. Take this opportunity to host not only a fabulous party but also meaningful discussions with your friends. This is your chance to avoid that overwhelming feeling when one of your friends who you haven’t had a chance to sit down with in six months asks, “How have you been?” You can all take your time and find out how everyone is really doing and what they have actually been up to.

Lean in. Research has shown that emotional expression impacts us on a cellular level. While you’ve already invited your beloved confidantes into your home, allow yourself to invite them

into whatever else is going on. Deciding what to share with other people in your life can be difficult, so trust yourself on that one. Celebrate your relationships.

Live in the moment. While someone is telling that story that you know is going to make you laugh so hard you cry, give in to that experience and take full advantage of it. That uncontrollable tears-streaming-down-your-face laughter is the best medicine. Whatever is happening, you will want to remember, so focus on those moments and not whether or not you think people are having a good time. Be completely in the moment unless the oven is still on, in which case you should also allow yourself to think about the oven.

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■  Lauren M. Garvey

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